Disney Name Meme | a u D r e y

third letter → a setting: Devil’s Bayou

Devil In The Dark S1E25 & The City On The Edge of Forever S1E29

Disney Name Meme | a U d r e y

second letter → a song: Poor Unfortunate Souls

There’s so much more to me…

"Thanks. Sorry. Be happy."

If only they’d look closer
Would they see a poor boy? No siree.
They’d find out, there’s so much more to me.

Disney Name Meme | A u d r e y

first letter → a favorite character: Aladdin

Disney Alphabet Screencap/Gif Meme:

In this meme, you base your answers off your name.

Part 1: Spell out your first name or nickname. 

Part 2: 
First Letter: A favorite character (doesn’t matter how minor)
Second Letter: A Song
Third Letter: A Setting
Fourth Letter: A Disney Villain or Disney Villain Sidekick 
Fifth Letter: A Quote
Sixth Letter: Favorite Scene
Seventh Letter: A Film
Eighth Letter: Whatever I want

Rules or things to know:
If your name is longer than eight letters, start over from the beginning.  If you can’t think of anything with the letter of your name for the category, skip to the next one. It can be ANYTHING Disney. So, Ghibli, Live Action, etc!
Optional: If your name is too short include your last name or the first letter of your last name 

If you are confused please use this example:
My name is Kenya
K - Kida
E - Everybody Wants to be a Cat
N - Neverland
Y - Yzma
A - A Dream That You Wish Will Come True

Any confusion, please ask me!

Alright, happy capping/giffing ~
TIP: Don’t do it all at once, it’s more fun with a photo edit/gif set. Do one per day for each letter.

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